Do you drink tap water? Most people don’t. They prefer to purchase bottled water instead. For some, it’s the taste. The minerals in tap water can give it a harsh, metallic taste. Others feel bottled water is more pure and therefore safer to drink. Did you know many brands of bottled water are actually made using Reverse Osmosis? If you’ve really examined the cost of buying bottled water, you’ll quickly be ready for another option. Paying someone else for the same type of purified water you can get at your own kitchen sink is expensive.
Is Reverse Osmosis Cost Effective?

A Reverse Osmosis system for your home can be a very economical investment. According to statistics, the average cost of bottled water per gallon is 1.22 EUR. But, the most widely purchased bottled water is sold in a single serving 16.9 ounce bottle for about a dollar. You can see how quickly that adds up! Everyone has heard that we should all drink 8 glasses of water a day to maintain our health. That’s 4 EUR a day, just for one person. A Reverse Osmosis system, on the other hand, costs about 500.00 EUR. Filters need to be changed about once or twice annually, and the membrane needs to be replaced every 2-3 years. The average yearly maintenance cost is about 70.00 EUR, depending on the type of system you choose. A Reverse Osmosis system does use more water than your regular tap, to fill the tank and regenerate the membrane. It doesn’t generally have much effect on your water bill though, it’s about the equivalent of a few extra toilet flushes a day.
Is Water Filtered By Reverse Osmosis Pure?

Some people think that Reverse Osmosis doesn’t provide great drinking water. They say that the pure water produced by a Reverse Osmosis system is devoid of minerals. But, isn’t that why you want to drink purified water anyway? To get rid of bad-tasting minerals and chemicals, and potentially harmful chemicals in your water? A Reverse Osmosis system gives you pure, clear water without taste or smell, and it’s safe to use for all your drinking and cooking needs. True, some beneficial minerals such as calcium and magnesium are filtered out, but we get most of the necessary amount from food or even the vitamin supplements that many people take. One glass of orange juice contains the same amount of minerals as 30 glasses of tap water.
Is Reverse Osmosis For You?

It’s easy to see that when you compare the costs, a Reverse Osmosis system will quickly pay for itself and save you money over time. In less than a year, you will have spent more buying bottled water than you would on a Reverse Osmosis system. When you factor in water used for cooking, it’s easy to see that Reverse Osmosis gives you great value. You’ll be able to fill your own bottles to take to the gym, to work, anywhere.

Once you’ve decided a Reverse Osmosis system is the best choice for your family, let a professional handle the installation and maintenance. It won’t take long and isn’t complicated. It most commonly is installed under the kitchen sink, with a separate tap. After that, you need yearly service to have the filters replaced and membrane replaced periodically. A Reverse Osmosis system will last for many years and provide top quality drinking water indefinitely, with proper maintenance and service. It really is an investment that you’ll be glad you made.