Adding a home water filtration system into your home can take quite some consideration on your part. Are you okay with only filtering your drinking water, or do you want a home water filtration system that will take care of the entire water supply entering your home?

The drinking quality of the water in your home is essential to good home health, and to your family’s health. You want your family to be drinking pure water from your domestic water sources, and the contaminants and toxins in our drinking water may provide you the drive to ask “What is the quality of my home water and health of my family?”

Drinking water is an important part of every person’s diet, and not knowing what is in your water can be detrimental to your health. The pipes that lead from your local water treatment facility can go through miles of industrial and farm land, seeping contaminants into the pipes, and back into the water. These toxins, along with contaminates and particulates from your homes copper or even lead piping.

Toxins in our drinking water can lead to a multitude of health problems including: increasing your risk of cancer, asthma, irritated eye tissue, and worsen skin conditions such as eczema. So the answer is yes, your home water and health of my family are being put at risk. If your family drinks, cooks and washes with water, their health is at risk, as well as yours.

The toxins in our drinking water do not only affect the drinking quality of water. What many people do not consider, is that your skin is the largest organ on your body, and that filtering shower water may improve your health. Chemicals used to treat the water can settle on top of hair and skin, even penetrating into your body through your skin. Filtering shower water can vastly improve the look and feel of your hair and skin, and help to eliminate the buildup of soap scum in your shower.

Drinking pure water, and allowing your family access uncontaminated water sources to cook, clean and bathe in is something you can give your family with any home water filtration system. Attaching filters to faucets and shower heads, or even installing a whole home filtration system, it’s easy to go with the healthy choice, giving your family their best chance at achieving good health.