Ph Water Meter – Digital Tester Kit with PH Buffer Powders


  • PH Water Quality Tester – 0.01 High Accuracy;
  • Pocket Size with 0-14 PH Measurement Range;
  • Automatic Calibration;
  • Great for home or industrial use, from drinking water testing to chemical water balancing of swimming pools, aquariums, hydroponics, or anywhere you need to test the PH liquid quality.


The PH tester measures the full pH range 0.00 to 14.00 with an accuracy of ?0.01, ensuring a true reading for your application.

AUTOMATIC TEMPERATURE COMPENSATION – The digital pH pen has an (ATC) auto temperature compensation feature that adjusts the pH valve inline with the actual water temperature. The auto-calibration is a one-touch operation using the supplied calibration buffers, so that it can accurately determine pH value of the sample at any temperature in a range of 0?C – 60?C

HOW TO USE CALIBRATION – Press CAL for 5 seconds to enter the calibration mode, press in turn to select the powders corresponding to 6.86, 4, and 9.18 to complete the calibration.




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