What Are The Differences Between Bottled Water and a Water Filtration System

How do you know if drinking bottled water is your best choice. Should you look in to the possibility of a water filtration system? So many different types of water are available that finding the one that will be the most pure is a monumental task.

Note that we did say pure, not clean. All water which is supplied to people to drink by municipalities and local governments, as well as landlords must be clean to a certain level. It may not be contaminated by certain substances.

Water has become a topic of much discussion recently. With so many physicians and health care professionals advocating the consumption of a given amount of water every day, the purity of different kinds of water has come under a lot of scrutiny.

Bottled Water

Not all water, however, is held to the same standards of purity and cleanliness. In fact, the one water that people had typically been turning to in order to get a fresher taste and more pure water, is actually the one type of water that is not the most clean and pure.

Bottled Water vs Water Filtration SystemWe’re speaking, of course, about bottled water. In fact, several different varieties of bottled water were found to be far less than what they actually advertised themselves to be.

In an 18 month long survey of bottled water, the Environmental Working Group found that some bottled waters were even contaminated with medical waste. There were only a few brands that actually stated what kind of purification processes had taken place, or what kind of contaminants might be in the water.

The EWG determined just two years ago, that most companies did not have high standards for keeping bottled water clean and that they charged about 10 times the standard price for water. In fact, if you read the Environmental Working Groups Card Bottled Water Report, you’re going to be literally amazed-if not dismayed, by what you may have been drinking in your bottled water.

Water Filtration System

What does the Environmental Working Group recommend? They recommend filtered water from your own home in order to get the most healthy and most pure form of water. A whole house, or even a faucet filtration system can give you the healthiest type of water that you can find and at the same time, do a wonderful service to the environment.

The EWG recommends that you use your own home water and use a water filtration system in order to be certain that it is purified to the level that is safe for humans.

What possible things could a water filtration system take out of water that is being sold by your community? Isn’t it clean? Isn’t it safe? The reality of this is that clean doesn’t mean safe and it doesn’t mean pure.

Chlorine is added to your water in order to create a state of cleanliness. That chlorine has certain health ramifications. Chlorine has been linked to certain kinds of cancers as well as to other health problems. So too has the fluoride that is sometimes put into drinking water.

While it is not common, mistakes with the amount of chemicals in drinking water have been made. Having your own water filtration system can help to assure that your drinking water is both clean and pure. In fact, in most places worldwide, are against the law for water filter companies to state that they create water which is more pure or cleaner than it really is. However water filtration systems are regulated far better than bottled water may be.

The next time that you reach for that bottle of water, consider these facts and save yourself some money. Installing a high quality home filtration system on your faucet such as those made by WaterFilterNet.com will make a vast difference in the quality of your water and perhaps in the quality of your health.

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