CounterTop Three Stage Drinking Water Filter – Future



A three-stage filter with high quality construction and innovative design, built to the highest quality standards.

It is easily installed on any tap, above and below the sink, and has a filter replacement indicator and a metal valve for controlling water flow. No electricity is needed to work.

It protects you effectively from solid, rust, dirt, sediment, chlorine, heavy metals, microbes, viruses,

It consists of a built-in sling and attachments.

3 filters are included:

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?1. PP Polypropylene 1 micron, which removes sand, rust, dust, turbidity, sediment, asbestos, plastic fibers etc

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?2. UF Ultra Filtration 0.1 micron, for microbial protection.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?3. GAC Coconut Carbon with silver that effectively removes radioactive iodine, chlorine, trihalomethanes and harmful chemicals.

The installation kit includes a battery connector, a tube and batteries.


Maximum flow: 3.5 L / minMaximum pressure: 4 barMaximum temperature: 40?C?Weight: 3 kgDimensions: ?: 30 cm / B: 10 cm / Y: 34 cmChange filter: every six monthsPackaging: 1 pc.



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