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Alkaline drinking water is becoming increasingly Worldwide trend and has gained popularity in recent years due to the many health benefits that have been reported all around the world. Here are some important things to know:

What is Alkaline Water?

  • Alkaline water has a pH level greater than 7 and a higher concentration of alkaline minerals.
  • It can help to neutralize acid in the body.

It is important to understand the definition of alkaline water and its pH levels before considering its potential benefits. Alkaline water is water that has a higher pH level than regular water, which typically has a pH of 7.0. Alkaline water typically has a pH level between 7.5 and 9.5.

Benefits of Alkaline WaterThe investigation into the health benefits of alkaline water began in Japan during the early 1950s. It was not until 1958 that these water filters were sold to the public.

At first, they were used in hospitals in both Japan and South Korea. Many patients, with serious illnesses and diseases, recovered by consuming alkaline water and using the acidic water for external uses.

The home-version of alkaline water filters were introduced to the United States in 1985. They were tested by a third party laboratory in 1986. The testing was made in accordance with FDA standards. The point of the test was to make sure that these devices produced water free from toxins.

What is it concerning alkaline water that makes it so helpful in health regaining and preservation?

Each day, because of the physiological processes in our bodies we generate waste. This waste, according to health experts, is acidic. The older we become the less effective our bodies are at getting rid of this waste.

Therefore, the increasingly acidic our bodies become. Researchers have seen a correlation connecting the increase of acidic waste and our tendencies towards illnesses and diseases. There is furthermore a correlation connecting acidic waste increase and aging.

If we lessen the acidic waste inside our bodies the less susceptible we are to diseases and illnesses. Within United States and other parts of the world we expect to be inflicted with arthritis, loss of sight, brittle bones and other diseases once we get old.

But research has made known that these diseases are associated to the increase in acidic waste. Alkaline water helps our bodies to dispose of the acidic waste. In doing this, the body rejuvenates and promotes our immune system in the process.

Alkaline Water vs Regular Water:

  • Regular water has a neutral pH level of 7, while alkaline water has a pH level greater than 7.
  • Alkaline water has a higher concentration of alkaline minerals that can offer certain health benefits.

Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water:

  • Improved hydration and detoxification.
  • Better bone health and digestion.
  • Increased energy levels and immune system support.

One of the benefits of alkaline water is that it may help to neutralize acid in the body, which can improve overall health. Drinking alkaline water helps to improve hydration and also helps to improve digestion. Some studies suggest that alkaline water may also help to improve bone health and reduce the risk of certain diseases.

Additionally, it is important to consider the source of the water. Alkaline water filters may be used to create alkaline water at home, but it is important to ensure that the device is properly maintained to avoid any potential health risks.

Alkaline Water pH Levels:

  • Alkaline water typically has a pH level between 7.5 and 9.5.
  • It is important to choose a safe and healthy pH level for drinking water.

Alkaline Water vs Purified Water:

  • Purified water has undergone a process to remove impurities and contaminants.
  • Alkaline water has a higher pH level due to the presence of minerals.

When considering the difference between alkaline water vs purified water or alkaline water vs spring water, it is important to note that the pH levels of these waters may vary. Purified water is typically free of contaminants, while spring water may contain natural minerals that are beneficial for health. However, neither purified nor spring water are necessarily alkaline.

While both types of water can be beneficial for health, it is important to consider the specific needs of your body and choose the water that is best suited for you.

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Lowering Your Body’s Acidity Through Drinking Alkaline Water Helps Relieve Arthritis

Arthritis affects about 30% of the people in the US alone. In the simplest terms, arthritis is a condition where inflammation of the joints occur as a result to the degeneration of the tissue between the joints. Usually this condition is found among the elderly, but can and may occur at a young age also.

The cure?

Relieve Arthritis with Alkaline WaterNo cure can be found. But many health factors can effect this condition. The Connection Between PH and Arthritis High acidity in the body has been linked to some health problems, especially with the elderly.

It is believed that high acidity can also account for the onset of arthritis. It is believed that it is the high acid levels in our bodies that can cause the cartilage in the joints to slowly degenerate. As the cartilage withers away, the friction between the bones in the joint increases, causing chronic pain.

There are so many other reasons to start lowering your body’s acid levels too. High acid levels can affect your immune system by undermining its capacity to fend off disease. Acidity can also contribute in the degradation and breakdown of soft tissues and bone matter.

Fortunately, lowering your ph by ingesting alkaline water on a plain basis can be the foundation essential to relieve arthritis pain by lowering the overall acidity in the blood and joints. A good strategy to combat the onset of arthritis is to implement a regiment of alkaline water and alkaline foods to help diminish the pain.

Quality water in the Natural Treatment of Blood Pressure and Raised Cholesterol

Leading scientists say that high blood pressure can be a state of adaptation of the body to generalized long term dehydration . Many people are dehydrated and unaware of it. If you drink less than 8 glasses of water per day in addition to your regular diet you are probably in a state of sub clinical dehydration without knowing it.

Alkaline water a Natural Treatment of Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

In a bid to fill blood vessels with volume and normalize blood pressure due to chronic dehydration, the body through the constriction of the vascular system, forces the water from the vessel into the cell in order to deliver vital nutrients and oxygen.

Such effort by the body can lead to high blood pressure which points to dehydration as being the root cause . Additional contributory factors to hypertension and raised cholesterol levels are excess tissue acid waste and the damaging effects of harmful free radicals.

Regularly drinking good health giving alkaline water, which has antioxidant properties, is the ideal way to hydrate the body. It is a hugely valuable part of a natural treatment for blood pressure. Alkaline water helps to flush out acidic wastes and counteract damaging free radicals.

This will help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Ideally combining the drinking of alkaline water with an alkaline diet and supplementing with alkalizing super foods will be very valuable to restore your body to health and restore normal blood pressure.

Water for Health supply a range of products to give alkaline water, the type of water that is best for the body due to its excellent hydrating properties and its ability to counteract excess acidity and free radicals.

This can be combined with alkalizing green super foods such as Green Vibrance powder to help to give the body the foundation for optimum pH balance and normalized blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The following are comments from leading scientists on the benefits of optimum hydration and alkalizing for lowering hypertension and raised cholesterol.

Water expert Professor Won H Kim in his book ‘Water of Life: a cure for your body’ makes a number of interesting observations on the role of alkaline water for the improvement of blood circulation and the reduction of cholesterol.

He says ‘as we have seen, irregular blood circulation can be called the beginning of all adult onset ailments. The major cause for this comes from acidic waste materials which get piled up on vascular walls or clog capillary vessels. Crucial organs need a smooth supply of blood, but piled up waste on walls make vessels narrower.

This coupled with clogged capillaries, results in raised blood pressure to supply blood. This is the general principle behind occurrence of hypertension. Alkaline reduced water resolves hypertension originating from residues of waste on vascular walls.

Alkaline reduced water does more than just decrease the acidic wastes by alkalizing blood; it is effective for hypertension because its superior power to conduct surface activity can melt effete matter stuck to vascular walls.

He also commented on hypotension ‘If hypotension occurred from a lack of calcium ions, drinking alkaline water can cure it. Calcium ions are relatively abundant in alkaline reduced water, so it directly supplies the calcium the human body needs.

Not only that, but it also frees the calcium ions trapped within acid salt (solidified by lumping together with acidic waste matter) so it can instantly settle the matter of calcium deficiency within the body even if calcium ions are not especially supplemented. Alkaline reduced water can treat hypotension as well as hypertension’.

Dr F Batmanghelidj in his book ‘Water and Salt’ says that ” To prevent excess cholesterol deposits by the cells lining the arteries and the liver, you need to drink regularly especially an ample amount of water half an hour before food intake.

By this action, the cells of the body will become well hydrated before confronting the concentrated blood after food intake. There will also be enough water for the processes of digestion and respiration without needing to tap into the water held inside the cells lining the blood vessels”.

Dr Theodore Baroody in his book Alkalize or Die states ‘ The heart is one of the most alkaline dependent organs in the body. It is partly innervated by the vagus nerve which functions best in an alkaline environment.

The heart pumps about 520 quarts of blood an hour and about 13,000 quarts of blood a day. The blood, if not toxin free, puts a tremendous strain upon the heart. Correct heartbeat is altered by acid wastes. These wastes rob the blood of proper oxygenation, and degeneration of the heart follows. An alkaline system creates an ideal heart function.’

In the very informative book The Acid Alkaline Food Guide by Dr Susan E Brown and Larry Triveri they say “A number of scientific studies have illuminated the biological costs of our forced adaptation to chronic acidosis. The problems caused by this condition include the following among many others:

The loss of potassium and magnesium stores from the body, with a resulting tendency towards hypertension (high blood pressure) and inflammation, as well as the pain associated with inflammation.

Increased fluid retention, resulting in the excessive accumulation of fluids within body systems.”

Sang Wang, researcher, scientist and author who cured his own high blood pressure problem by drinking alkaline water says the following in his book Reverse Aging.

‘ Dr Kancho Kuninaka, one of the pioneers of the alkaline water treatment in Japan, states that virtually without exception, the patients with high blood pressure have an acidosis condition. He has many successful clinical cases where the acid free high pH alkaline water lowered blood pressure.

There are several plausible explanations for this phenomenon. Since the higher pH contains excess oxygen, the heart doesn’t have to work so hard. Another factor may be that the viscosity of the higher pH blood is low so the heart does not need to pump as hard.

A further reason may be that the calcium ions in alkaline water may be dissolving plaque and cholesterol build up in the artery walls, thus opening up the passage.’

He further states ‘ if your blood pressure is always high, chances are that your arteries are getting narrow (atherosclerosis) and it will take a long time, possibly a year or more, for that blood pressure to come down by means of alkaline water.

It takes time to dissolve plaque and cholesterol build up, but eventually it will work. This slow process has no side effects. It lowers the blood pressure by eliminating the very causes of the high blood pressure.’

Drinking alkaline antioxidant water is a very effective and convenient way for people to positively affect their health and give the body the ability to remove acidic wastes from the body including from the vascular system. It should be part of every natural treatment for high blood pressure.

Alkaline water also provides antioxidants to neutralize free radicals which play a leading role in degenerative diseases and the aging process. Giving your body a plentiful regular supply of good quality water will greatly assist to help in the natural restoration of good health and vitality.

Alkaline Water- Tap Into True Health

The United Nations released a report listing the top 40 healthiest countries in the world. Japan ranked #1 while America squeaked in at #38 behind Cuba. This is horribly depressing in light of how much Americans spend to have decent health insurance, and even worse for all those who cannot afford to have it.

I have to ask, just what are all these advances in medicine in America doing for as the people health hovers at the bottom of this list? According to this report, not much.

I will admit. I am not a strong advocate of allopathic medicine nor of popping pharmaceuticals for every ailment. I do, however, have respect and admiration for the advances in surgical procedures that can seemingly “fix” just about anything.

I have been under the knife more than once, and at the time, it seemed I had no other choice. But lately, something new has come along that has made me stop, and really think.

It has forced me to question whether all the need for so many pharmaceutical drugs and surgeries could potentially be completely unnecessary much of the time.

So I looked deep into the Japanese culture to see what they were doing right to earn the coveted #1 position for health in the world. I found three distinct differences from the American lifestyle.

The first is diet, which I embrace in being a sushi lover. Though sushi has the potential for parasites, raw fish and vegetables are full of enzymes that nourish the body.

The Japanese diet is loaded with the detoxifying properties of miso based soups, and fermented foods that provide healthy pro-biotics for the digestion. They don’t eat a lot of processed food and fillers. They choose beneficial anti-oxidant green tea over Starbucks.

The second element lies deep in the Japanese culture as a people of ritual. There is a foundation of spiritual unity consistent in the culture that transcends into the daily rituals of every Japanese family, allowing them to all feel a sense of connection to one another.

In America, people are fiercely devoted to their independence and freedom to choose their own beliefs. Though Americans have sacrificed dearly to have this, people are a melting pot of individuals doing their own thing, often without a sense of connection to what the neighbor is doing.

Americans are lacking the thread of common ritual and beliefs that could serve to unite them despite their differences. This thread is spiritually based, and provides transcendence, even support, for our differences. Americans, for the most part, are still searching outside themselves for the spiritual truth of unity, and a deeper, meaningful connection.

The final, and most significant, element is found in drinking water. Nature has provided “miracle waters” in only five places in the world, Japan being one of them. In every one of these places, the native people enjoy long and healthy lives. The secret is in the water. These waters are clean, alkaline, micro-clustered, anti-oxidant waters. The Japanese drink this alkaline water.

Is it possible that the health we desire is as simple as changing the water we drink?

I think so. The American diet consists primarily of acid forming foods. Americans daily lives are often so stress-related with stress causing a high production of adrenaline which is a naturally acidic compound.

Environment has become increasingly toxic, exposing us daily to toxic chemicals we breathe and absorb through our skin. We are drinking impure water, regardless of its source. Tap water is susceptible to chemical dumping, run off fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, raw sewage leakage, hormones, heavy metals, parasites, arsenic, radon, chlorine and more. Bottled water does not provide the healthy hydration we require. Why?

Because 75% of bottled water is more acidic than tap water, and 25% of all bottled water is nothing more than untreated tap water. A recent study on bottled water found that 33% violated industry standards with high levels of synthetic organic chemicals, bacteria and arsenic.

Perhaps the worst offense is the leaching of petro-chemicals from the plastic into the bottled water which has proven to contribute to certain types of breast cancer. The water we do absorb is unhealthy, and we remain chronically dehydrated. And chronic dehydration over time results in disease.

Our bodies are composed of roughly 70 trillion cells which are 76%-98% water. The health of these cells depends on the quality of the water we drink. Clean, alkaline, micro-clustered water is easily absorbed by our cells, nourishing our cells with mineral nutrients and cleansing our cells of cellular acidic waste.

Drinking alkaline water restores our bodies to the proper, healthy ph balance wherein disease cannot flourish. An acidic environment creates oxidation which makes us age prematurely.

Oxidation is a systematic break down of our bodies resulting in wrinkles, degeneration of the bones, organs, glandular systems, cellular membranes and an overall loss of vitality. You can pop all the anti-oxidant vitamins you want, but it cannot compare to nourishing and cleansing your cells with alkaline rich water.

Alkaline water benefits are too numerous to mention here. But suffice it to say, we could very well do away with many pharmaceuticals, surgeries and face lifts if we were drinking alkaline water. Drinking the “right” water is the single most important element if you want to achieve and maintain optimal health.

Drink water the way nature intended it to be. If you change your water to Alkaline water, you will change your life.

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