Water Sterilization lamp UV-PRO 2-22 lpm


The Water Sterilization lamp UV Pro series of our company offers guaranteed disinfection by viruses, protozoa, germs, bacteria, legionella and others.

In collaboration with the world’s largest lamp manufacturer, PHILIPS offers 100% pure water, from 21 lpm to 380 lpm.

UV Pro systems are widely used for water disinfection in residential water supply systems, swimming pools, spa, thalassotherapy and wellness centers, hotels, hospitals, schools, laboratories, water vending machines, municipal water treatment systems and aquariums.

The UV-PRO 2-22 lpm lamp is made of stainless steel 304 s.s. and the power supply provides constant current for maximum lamp output. It also has an audio-visual alarm, an indicator of the proper or non-functioning of the lamp, a warm-up startup and lamp output and lamp protection. In addition, you can have a total daylight indicator on order, if required.

2 years warranty for the device and 12 months for the lamp.

Model No. UV – 006 UV – 011 UV – 016 UV – 025
Water Flow 2 LPM 3.8 LPM 7.6 LPM 22.7 LPM
Dimensions Length 255 mm 305 mm 370 mm 508 mm
Diameter 50.8mm 50.8 mm 63.5 mm 63.5 mm
Ballast 98 mm (L) * 58 mm (W) * 32 mm (H)
Packing Contents 1 Piece
Inlet / Outlet Port Size 1/4 “ female 1/4 “ female 1/2 “ male 1/2 “ male
Electrical Volts 100 – 240 V ( 50 – 60 Hz)
Power Consuption 8 W 15 W 21 W 33 W
Lamp Power 6 W 11 W 16 W 25 W
Ambient Temprature 2 – 40° C
Max Operating Pressure 10 Bar (145 PSI)
Audible Lamp Failure Yes
Visual “Power on” Yes
Reator Chamber Material SS304
Lamp Type Philips 2 PIN
LAMP LAMP – 006 6W 2PIN 0,16A (D16*L212,1mm) VUV – 011 11W 2PIN 0,41A (D16*L212,1mm) VUV – 016 16W 2PIN 0,39A (D16*L288,3mm) VUV – 025 25W 2PIN 0,61A (D28*L437,4mm)
QUARTZ QUARTZ 6W (D23*L245mm) QUARTZ 11W (D23*L245mm) QUARTZ 16W (D23*L360mm) QUARTZ 25W (D34*L498mm)
Water Sterilization lamp UV-PRO 2-22 lpm


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