Chlorine dioxide tablet 1gr


1gr. Chlorine-free water disinfection tablet, which is applicable to many areas of use.
Disinfects tanks, tanks, water pipes etc It cleans washing machines, dishwashers, air conditioners, surfaces, etc., which makes it ideal for home use.It eliminates 99.996% of microbes, odors from sewers, odors from pets, resulting in clean water and clean piping, without corrosion of the equipment.It ultimately eliminates aquatic pathogens in nurseries, arable fields, crops and stables, improving the yield of plants, poultry and animals.It also fights Legionella and Biofilm.An important advantage is that it has zero investment costs, while at the same time it is very efficient and easy to implement.It is manufactured in Canada and the manufacturer is certified with NSFI / ANSI 60.Available in 80pcs.



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