Reverse Osmosis – VI TOP R/O


The VI TOP Reverse Osmosis is placed over the counter or whichever surface, while its elegant design adapts easily on your space. It adapts very easily to all kitchens.

It can be filtered either over the sink or at the cold water supply, where it is located below the sink.

Filters’ Specifications:

1st Stage Polypropylene 5 micron

2nd Stage Carbon Block, 100% coconut

3rd Stage Polypropylene 1 μm

4th Stage  Active Carbon, enriched with coconut

Ability to add a UV Lamp for microbiological support.

It removes dirt, sediment, rust, stones and other particles within the water.

It also removes chemicals, such as chloride, insectisides, etc.

Recommended filters’ replacement every 12 months.


Width 31cm
Depth 30cm
Height 44cm


Reverse Osmosis - VI TOP R/O


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