Stainless Steel Mesh Water Filter – Bravo



Bravo is a central supply filter with stainless steel mesh, made entirely of high quality synthetic material, suitable for food and drinking water. It is also ideal for watering waters.
As it is made of high quality materials, it does not leak and effectively protects against stones, rust, sediment, soil and mud.It has a discharge valve that cleanses the toy and delays the cleaning of the stainless steel mesh by us, which it uses as a filtering method. It also has a full range of consumer products.Another important advantage is that it is placed too easily because of its excessively small dimensions.SPECIFICATIONS:? Hourly flow rate 4.8 m? / h? Input-Output 1 inch or 3/4? Maximum operating pressure 12 bar? Maximum temperature 40 C ?? 89 micron filtering power? Manometer optional? Made in ItalyDIMENSIONS:Width8?cmHeight22 cm 2 YEARS GUARANTEE



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