Multi-functional 7-in-1 Water Quality Meter | Water Testing Tool


  • Ensure 100% Water Quality with our 7-in-1 Meter
  • PH measurement
  • TDS measurement
  • EC measurement
  • ORP measurement
  • Seawater Specific Gravity
  • Salinity measurement
  • Temperature measurement
  • Comprehensive water analysis
  • Aquatic ecosystem
  • Saltwater pool
  • Marine aquarium
  • Water-dependent needs
  • Balanced water chemistry
  • Accurate measurements
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7 in 1 Water Quality Meter: PH, TDS, EC, ORP, Specific Gravity, Salinity & Temp – Your All-In-One Solution for Comprehensive Water Analysis

Uncover the health of your aquatic ecosystem with our 7 in 1 Water Quality Meter. Accurate and efficient, it’s the perfect tool to ensure optimal water chemistry for aquariums, pools, and industrial water systems. Discover precision like never before!

Detailed Measurement Capabilities for Every Need

  1. EC Measurement: From 0-10000us/cm to 20.1-400.0mS/cm, our water quality meter automatically adjusts its range for optimal resolution. With an accuracy of ±2% F.S., you can trust in precise readings every time.
  2. TDS Assessment: Covering a range from 0-10000ppm up to 200.0ppt, our meter also automatically converts ranges for maximum accuracy. Count on precise readings with an accuracy of ±2% F.S.
  3. Salinity Monitoring: With a range of 0.01%-25.00%, our meter gives precise readings to keep your water environments optimal. Expect an accuracy of ±0.1% for 0.01-5.00% and ±1% for 5.1-25.0%.
  4. pH Tracking: Catering to a range from 0.01-14.00pH, our water quality meter provides the precise resolution of 0.01pH with an accuracy of ±0.05pH.
  5. Seawater Specific Gravity (S.G) Measurements: Our meter handles readings from 1.000-1.222, making it perfect for all your seawater needs.
  6. ORP Monitoring: From 0 to ±999mv, we’ve got you covered for all your oxidation-reduction potential measurements.
  7. Temperature Measurement: Be it 0.1-60.0℃ or 32.0-140°F, our meter adapts to your preferred units, helping maintain ideal water temperature conditions.

Experience unmatched versatility and precision with our 7 in 1 Water Quality Meter, optimized for all your water quality needs.

Explore the Versatility of Our 7 in 1 Water Quality Meter

Our 7 in 1 Water Quality Meter isn’t just for aquariums or pools; it’s an incredibly versatile tool with applications across numerous domains.

  • Food Industry: Maintaining the perfect water quality is essential in food preparation. Use our meter to ensure your water is of the highest quality, contributing to the delicious taste of your meals and beverages.
  • Fish Farming: Health and growth of fish directly correlate with the quality of water they live in. Monitor and adjust your water parameters to provide the ideal environment for your fish.
  • Soup Preparation: The secret to a tasty soup is the water used in its preparation. Measure and optimize the quality of your water to elevate the flavors of your soup.
  • Farming & Agriculture: Crops require specific water conditions for optimal growth. Use our quality meter to manage and maintain the ideal conditions for your agricultural activities.
  • Ponds: Keep the water in your decorative or ecosystem ponds in check. Ensure a healthy and visually pleasing environment for all pond inhabitants and plants.
  • Homebrewing and Winemaking: Understanding the quality and composition of your water can have a significant impact on the taste of your brews and wines. Monitor and adjust your water parameters to craft the perfect beverage.
  • Aquaponics and Hydroponics: In these water-based farming systems, monitoring the water’s PH, TDS, EC, and temperature can be crucial to the success of your crops.
  • Spas and Hot Tubs: Maintaining appropriate water chemistry is vital for the longevity of your equipment and the safety of your users. Our meter can help ensure the correct balance of chemical properties.
  • Scientific Research: For labs requiring precise and consistent measurements of various water properties, our device can be an invaluable tool for research and analysis.
  • Waste Water Management: This device can assist in monitoring and treating wastewater by providing accurate measurements of key metrics, thus helping to maintain eco-friendly practices.
  • Aquatic Life Photography: For photographers specializing in aquatic life, maintaining an optimal environment for their subjects is crucial. Our meter can assist in creating the perfect conditions for the most stunning photographs.

The 7 in 1 Water Quality Meter is a tool that finds its value in a broad range of fields, thanks to its ability to deliver accurate, reliable, and comprehensive readings

So, whatever your water measurement needs are, you can rely on our 7 in 1 Water Quality Meter to deliver accurate and reliable results

Optimize Your Water Quality with Precision

Experience the convenience of comprehensive water analysis with our 7 in 1 Water Quality Meter. This advanced tool measures PH, TDS, EC, ORP, Seawater Specific Gravity, Salinity, and Temperature, offering a complete overview of your water quality in one efficient device. Whether you’re maintaining a freshwater aquarium, monitoring a saltwater pool, or managing industrial water systems, our meter provides accurate, reliable results every time.

Unrivaled Precision: The 7 in 1 Water Quality Meter guarantees unparalleled accuracy in testing water parameters. Our technology can measure PH, TDS, EC, and ORP levels, providing a comprehensive profile of your water’s quality. With its high-caliber sensors, this product guarantees razor-sharp precision, ensuring that you’re aware of any potential issue in your water system before it escalates into a problem. Experience a new level of confidence knowing that the health and safety of your water is under constant, expert surveillance.

Salinity & Seawater Specific Gravity: Your Oceanic Ally

Navigate the complex world of marine water management with our 7 in 1 meter’s Salinity and Seawater Specific Gravity measuring capabilities. Ensuring the optimal salinity levels in your marine aquarium or saltwater pool is key to the health of your aquatic ecosystem. Our tool helps you easily monitor and adjust these levels to create the perfect environment for your aquatic inhabitants.

Master of Salinity: One of the most exceptional features of the 7 in 1 Water Quality Meter is its ability to determine Seawater Specific Gravity and Salinity. Whether you are a marine hobbyist maintaining a saltwater aquarium or a professional managing large-scale aquatic habitats, this device will be your best friend. This tool will aid you in achieving optimal salinity levels, enhancing the health and vibrancy of marine life under your care.

Temperature, PH, TDS, EC & ORP: The Quintessential Quintet

From Temperature to ORP, our 7 in 1 Water Quality Meter delivers on all fronts. Accurate PH, TDS, and EC measurements are crucial for balanced water chemistry. With ORP and Temperature features, you can ensure a healthy, safe environment for all your water-dependent needs. Trust our quality meter for precise measurements and consistent results.

The Temperature Difference: Our device is not just a water quality meter; it’s also an efficient water temperature gauge. With the ability to measure temperature variations, the 7 in 1 Water Quality Meter assists in keeping your aquatic environment at the perfect temperature, essential for both freshwater and saltwater species. Comfort and safety are at the core of its design, ensuring your aquatic life thrives.

Ensure 100% Water Quality with our 7-in-1 Meter

Dive into a new era of water testing with our 7 in 1 Water Quality Meter. With unparalleled precision, it measures PH, TDS, EC, ORP, Seawater Specific Gravity, Salinity, and Temperature. Achieve healthier aquatic life and peace of mind with one handy tool.



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