5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Smart Water Filter


5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Smart Water Filter is an Innovative R/O unit with low pressure membrane. Can be easily installed below the kitchen counter, while a small faucet is mounted on the sink. Small size, input pressure gauge.

Suggested Filter Series:

    1. Pre filter for suspended particles 5 micron
    2. Granular activated carbon, G.A.C.
    3. Polypropylene, 1 micron
    4. Desalination Membrane 50G.P.D. 0,0001m
    5. Powdered Granular activated carbon, PAC


Pump 24V
Transformer 1.2A
Tank 8lt
Thermo-electric valve 24 V-DC
pressureswitch, low-high pressure
Conductance regulator


Width 32cm
Depth 12cm
Height 40cm


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