A whole house water filter can help you overcome the problems posed by high levels of contamination in tap water and bottled water. Recent studies have revealed many shocking facts about drinking water supply – facts that pose a serious threat to public safety.

Water has been found to contain unsafe levels of metals and cancer-causing chemicals, apart from being contaminated by bacteria and viruses. Analysis of babies’ formula has revealed that some contain high levels of carcinogens as well as metals like mercury, lead and copper, as a result of using contaminated water sources. Using a whole house water filter can help improve this situation.

Chlorine is often used in water purification. Unfortunately, ingesting even small amounts of chlorine regularly over time is known to cause lung irritation, cancer, breathing difficulties, eye problems and more. Exposure to chlorine through the vapors released when one showers is often sufficient to destroy natural oils in the skin and hair resulting in dryness. Chlorine is even thought to cause eczema, in some cases.

Surprisingly, the FDA’s regulations on tap water quality are more stringent than standards for bottled water. Therefore, it is legally possible for bottled water to contain greater trace amounts of cancer-causing agents and unsafe metals.

While the effects of these contaminants on adults are serious enough, the situation is even more dangerous as far as babies and children are concerned. Because their bodies are at formative stages, the intake of carcinogenic chemicals and metals has a multiplied effect on them.

For all these reasons, it is wise to consider using a whole house water filter system, which can help you avoid many of these problems.

Our best selling whole house water filter system, that we use is a four stage process. The first stage removes particulate impurities and sediments. The second stage brings down chlorine levels. The third stage often utilizes a bituminous charcoal filter, which improves the taste as well as clarity. The fourth stage is an ultra filtration 0.01 microns.

Once you have a whole house water filter system in place, there is no longer any need to install separate filters for various purposes. You can be sure that the water you use throughout the house is reasonably contamination-free and safe for all purposes.

Further, you will need to use less soap and detergent because of the improved water quality. Skin dryness and other problems caused by chlorine will often clear up.

In addition, you will save running costs as well. Water delivered through a whole house water filter system costs approximately ten cents a gallon, when you consider that a typical filter will last three years. In contrast, bottled water can cost anywhere from 1eur to 4eur or even more per gallon.

It is true that installing a whole house water filter at the home construction stage will increase the initial costs. Apart from the cost of the filter itself, you also need to pay installation charges; the installation has to be professionally handled. However, when you consider the advantages you get, the price you pay is well worth it. If necessary, cut back on other areas like say, expensive granite counter tops for the kitchen to make up for the costs of installing a whole house water filter.

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