Why would you consider a whole house water filtration system?

We’ve talked about the problem of contaminants in our drinking water, we’ve talked about lead in water, chlorine in water and other contaminants like drugs in your drinking water.

Whole House Water FiltersAnd we’ve suggested that you health demands that you filter your drinking water to remove these contaminants. It’s perfectly possible to filter them out so you’re drinking clean water.

But that’s just about drinking water, so for example you could use a good quality benchtop water filter or a faucet water filter. Remove the contaminants and chlorine taste of your city water and you’re looking good.

But how about whole house water filtration systems? Why would you consider using a whole house water filter? They are more expensive and more difficult to install.

There are good reasons why house water filters are worth considering. A water treatment system that filters ALL the water you use in your house has real benefits. Lets look at those benefits.

1. Believe it or not one of the biggest reasons to consider home water filtering is to keep the air clean. Whether residential or commercial, home water treatment systems will result in improved indoor air quality.

Using contaminated tap water in such appliances like dishwashers releases compounds into the air.

How? By making sure that contaminants such as chlorine are not released into the inside air. These can be compounds like chloroform and other VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which are compounds formed by such actions as heating, and of course you then breathe them in.

According to the U.S. E.P.A., “Every home has an elevated level of chloroform gas present due to the vaporization of chlorine… from tap and shower water.”

2. Filtered water reduces or eliminates scum and soap residues on your dishes from dish-washing, and it makes the detergent work more effectively so you use less.

3. Showering in filtered water is way healthier than showering in tap water. Your skin absorbs chemicals, so if you’re showering in contaminated water you are getting contaminants into your body just like if you’re drinking it. That’s why things like anti smoking patches work, the skin absorbs the chemicals in the patch.

We’ll look at shower water filter systems in another article.

4. Washing your clothes in filtered water provides a noticeable difference to the clean. Filtered water has all the contaminants removed, including some that may stain your clothes. Which contaminants may stain your clothes depends on the particular type of water contaminants in your area. But chlorine is everywhere and chlorine can become embedded in your clothes and is thus in contact with your skin.So as you can see even if you forget for a moment the benefits to your health of drinking properly purified water, there are good reasons to consider a whole house water filtration system.

The best whole house water filtration systems filter out just about all contaminants, over 97% and in the case of some nasties like chlorine 99.9%. They are well worth the cost.