Choosing a water treatment system isn’t something that is limited to people living areas where the water is questionable. Even if you live in a larger cities, with approved water systems, how much do you really know about what is in the water that you and your family drink, cook, and bathe with? There are a multitude of contaminants in your water supply that is rated “safe” by your local water utility commission.

A lot of people think if your home water supply has no color and no odor, you have no problems and no need for a water treatment system. They couldn’t be more wrong. Choosing the best water treatment system will depend on what elements are currently in your water supply.

Don’t rely on the local water company’s report, while they are usually accurate, they are also usually not complete. Getting your water tested professionally prior to getting a home water treatment system will be a truly eye opening experience.

Most people know the basics that a home water filtration will filter out suspended solids and organic and inorganic dissolved particles. A little known reason to consider home water treatment for your family is the presence of micro-organisms. E.coli, a bacteria all healthy humans have in their intestines, has begun appearing more and more often in city approved water supplies and recent statistics show lots of cases of E.coli infection per year, that fact alone should make a strong case for installing a home filtration system.

Additionally, consider installing a home water treatment system to filter out heavy metals and if your house has old pipes, leads and other contaminants can be leached out through hot water use right into the bath your ran for your kids or the glass of water you just poured out of the tap.
Now that you know the dangers that can be lurking in your colorless, odorless water supply, how can you afford to not consider the water you drink, cook and take shower with?

Selecting and Using a Water Treatment System

If you have difficulty determining whether you actually need a water treatment system or you are not sure what type of system would be best for you. Let us help you.

By identifying the contaminants that are present in your water supply, we can then select a water treatment system that will be capable of treating those specific contaminants. It is important to keep in mind that all home water treatment devices need regular maintenance to operate effectively.

What will be “The Best Water Treatment System”?

The best water treatment system will provide protection for you and your family with more than one level of filtration and water purification techniques. It is most important to include a variety of filtration methods because they target different types of contaminants commonly found in our drinking water.

A truly effective water treatment system will combine a carbon filter with UV lights. The carbon filter works to reduce the compounds that affect taste and odor of the water, as well as removing contaminants such as pesticides, and minerals. A UV light water treatment system destroys harmful living organisms such as bacteria and viruses. It is the combination of carbon and UV filters that makes a water treatment system superior.

Easy access to filters for periodic maintenance is a great feature of water treatment systems. If the filter isn’t accessible, you are less likely to change it, and this is counterproductive to even using a filtration system. Periodic maintenance will also include changing the UV light bulb, which is a very simply process.

Bacteria can grow in a carbon filter during some periods of inactivity. That bacteria would pass through into your drinking water if your water treatment system relied solely on carbon filtration. With the added UV light, that bacteria is destroyed once it leave the carbon filter. Just as carbon filters do not remove bacteria, UV lights do not remove chemical compounds or other substances from water.

Clearly, the best water treatment systems use the technology from both carbon filtration and ultra violet light sources to tackle water contaminants, giving your family the best tasting, healthiest glass of water in town.!

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