Water Softener 25lt Compact

The Water Softener protects all your electrical appliances and your pipes from lime and scale, at the same time improves your skin and hair. It comes with a Pentair volumetric head that can be programmed for easy regeneration.


Our compact water softener filtration system has a capacity of 25L and provides complete limescale-free water for your family. The device is equipped with an efficient digital meter control so it’s using less salt, less time, and less water to regenerate. This is a great home improvement investment that will protect your health and home from many years to come. Ideal for home and commercial use.

Our compact model is A single-tank system that uses an efficient amount of space, as the brine and resin tank are located in a single cabinet.
Water softeners provide users with significant hygienic and sanitary advantages, such as softer and cleaner laundry, detergent savings and longer life of clothes. It protects the appliances and impressively improves your hair and skin.

Characteristics of the Compact Water Softener:

  • Easily programmable display with a separate keyboard;
  • Disinfection system control function (additional option) during regeneration;
  • With a Pentair volumetric head, equipped with a flow sensor and a turbine meter, which regenerates the resin according to the volume of the water consumption.
  • Can be settled with a mixed time/volume regeneration. Bypass and mixing valve to adjust the outlet hardness included in the system
  • Ability to manually start the regeneration process, using controlled progression at different stages;
  • Displays the parameters of the regeneration stages and their duration;
  • Auto memory with the ability to store information for up to 10 days (in case of disconnection from the power supply);
  • Removes hard water and scale from your water;
  • Engineered for both city and well water;
  • Should be installed in the main water supply;
  • The water inlet and outlet size is 3/4 inch;
  • Resin 25 liters (Purolite resin – made in USA);
  • Usually the resin has to be replaced every 5 to 7 years;
  • The system is power operated. Power supply 12 V / 50 Hz.;
  • It should be connected to your drain system;
  • It should be installed in a sheltered place to avoid direct sunlight;
  • Includes instructions in order to program it properly.

The settings of our Water Softener Device can be programmed in the following modes:

  • time-volume: after reaching the set volume for the set time.
  • net volume: immediately after reaching the set volume.


  • Non-toxic materials suitable for contact with drinking water;
  • Check valves: Pentair;
  • Tank: polyethylene reinforced with fiberglass;
  • Brine tank and housing: polyethylene;
  • Substance for water treatment: solid cationic ion exchange resin;
  • Note. Regeneration material (NaCl) is not supplied with the softener. We can provide (NaCl) by additional order.

water softener installation



Water softener devices use the exchange of calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) ions with sodium (Na) ions in order to soften the water. The resin, enriched with sodium ions, filters the hard water and the ions responsible for the formation of calcium and magnesium plaque are held on the surface of the resin and then replaced by sodium ions. To ensure high efficiency of the water treatment process, it is necessary to regenerate the filter layer with NaCl solution (brine) from time to time. However, this operation is performed automatically by the build in Pentair volumetric head, which controls this by the electronic timer / movement system.

The amount of sodium depends on the hardness of the water. The harder the water, the more sodium is required in order to remove the calcium and magnesium and soften the water. However, even with extremely hard water, the total sodium is minimal.

More information about the settings below.

For the correct setting of the softener it is important to know the hardness of your water. If you do not know how hard is your water, you can use a special hardness meter and easily measure it.
You can find a hardness meter by clicking here

Please note that 1L of resin at 20 German degrees of hardness produces 120L of soft water.
Therefore, you can calculate the soft water production in liters, by using the special water hardness meter. This will help to properly program the water softener regenerating schedule.

Example: If you leaving in Cyprus in one of the areas with very hard water and you have decided to install a water softener. And after measuring the water hardness you find out to be 40 German degrees. This means that one liter of resin will produce 60 liters of soft water. If your softener is 10 liters (resin capacity), then you know that the softener will produce a total of 600 liters of soft water. Then it will need to regenerate. Or if we take our 25lt Water Softener device for this example, means that it will need regeneration after the production of every 1500 liters of soft water.

Why the softeners have to regenerate:

The resin exchanges magnesium and calcium ions with Sodium and Potassium ions. However, it is exhausted at some point. To regenerate, it needs to be washed with coarse salt. This process can take up to four hours. So the softeners have a brine container where you put the salt. There the softener adds water to dissolve the salt and allow the machine to regenerate. The brine tank should be 1/3 covered with water, 1/3 covered with salt and 1/3 vacuum. Some softeners are compact (they have a built-in brine tank) and some are simpler (the resin is separate from the brine tank).

Important Technical Information:

Water hardness is measured in mg / l or parts per million (ppm) as well as in French, German or English.
1 ppm = 0,1?f (French degrees) = 0,0556 ?d (German marks) = 0,07 ?e (English marks).
So 1?f (French grade) = 10 ppm

Dividing by 10 the water ppm, you will find the the number of water hardness with a very slight deviation of 2-3?f French. The? water conductivity can be measured by using a conductivity meter (TDS) which counts in ppm units (parts per million).

See the table below in order to find out how soft or hard the water in your area is:

ppm ?S/cmf (french degrees) Water Characterisation
0-700-1400-7Very soft water
70-150140-3007-15Soft water
150-250300-50015-25A bit hard water
250-320500-64025-32Hard enough water
320-420640-84032-42Hard water
>420>840>42Very hard water

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