By the term water softening, we define the calcium (Ca++) and the magnesium (Mg ++) ions removal process from the water which are undesirable in many applications, such as household, business, industrial, because they cause deposits. The most appropriate way of ion removal from the water, is to use strong cationic resin in sodium cycle, which during the water softening process, it binds calcium (Ca ++) and magnesium (Mg ++) ions respectively.

The reactivation of (regeneration) is achieved by transmitting through this saturated solution of sodium (NaCl). The softening points are comprised of the resin vessel, the automatic control valve and the container, which is carried brine saturation sodium chloride solution (NaCl).

softener-cyprusDepending on how to start regeneration,the softeners are separated in time and volumetric ones. In in-time softeners, the regeneration is planned to take place a specific time and day of the week, from two times per day up to once every ninety-nine days. On volumetric softeners, the regeneration is based on water consumption. The volumetric water softeners can operate per column (unit) per two columns (twins) as an alternative or parallel operation and three columns (trigeminal) where the two columns are always in operation and a stand-by or a regeneration stage.

Our company has a full range of temporal and volumetric softeners of the american brand OSMONICS-AUTOTROL GE and of the German company BAYER-LANXESS, which is specialized in ion exchange resin use, suitable for food products (food grade).


Residential, hotels, restaurants, cafe-bar, offices, bakeries, dentistries, hospitals, industries, textile machines, car wash, freezers, boilers.


– Covered area to avoid frost.

– Drainage on site.

– Power supply 220V.

– Installation at the entrance of the softener filter suspended to avoid problems (permanent leak into drains)at the automatic control valve (self cleaning is recommended).

– Water supply iron-free (< 0,15ppm) and magnesium (<0,04ppm) which can destroy the resin in a very short time.

– When it comes to water-well, a water analysis should take place to identify any dangerous ions, which is taken care by our company free of charge.

– The inlet pressure is greater than 2 bars.

– The water inlet temperature is below 49°C.