We have all heard about the many health benefits associated with using vitamin C. What you may not know is that vitamin C can do so much more than just help fight off the common cold.

Imagine taking a shower without being forced to expose yourself to ever increasing levels of chlorine found in every drop of tap water maintained by your city. We all take showers in order to get clean and wash away offensive odors caused by bacteria and germs, yet we think nothing of exposing ourselves to toxic chlorine vapors intentionally added to our water to make it safe.

You may even say to yourself it is not big deal, since you are not actually drinking your shower water. However, did you know that chlorine can still be absorbed into your body through the pores of your skin or even inhaled directly into the lungs as toxic vapor? That is exactly right; during a warm shower the open pores in your skin can absorb six to one hundred times the amount of chlorine as you would by drinking that same water all day long. What is even more disturbing is the fact that the chlorine that gets absorbed through the skin goes directly into your bloodstream completely unchecked. At least when you drink water containing chlorine, the normal digestive process helps to remove or neutralize much of it.

OK, so you have finished your relaxing hot shower and are now squeaky clean, but you have also just absorbed enough chlorine to disinfect a small hot tub.

Now imagine taking a shower where all the chlorine has been automatically eliminated through the use of a shower filter. Then imagine this shower filter uses environmentally friendly vitamin C to get rid of the chlorine. You do not have to imagine anymore. There is a shower filter that uses nothing but pure, pharmaceutical grade vitamin C to completely eliminate the chlorine from your shower water. It is called the vitamin c shower filter and there is nothing else like it on the planet when it comes to pure chlorine destroying power.

The pure crystallized vitamin C used in these shower filters can effectively neutralize 100% of all free chlorine and chloramine in shower water. Free chlorine, and its very nasty byproduct Trihalomethanes (THMs), have been linked to several types of cancers and have even been shown to cause birth defects in humans under certain conditions.

The vitamin C used in these shower filters can neutralize free chlorine and chloramines by changing these potentially harmful disinfectants into harmless compounds. As an added bonus, there are no artificial additives or preservatives used with these shower filters. Only pure vitamin C is required to get the job done right.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) has certain minimum standards set forth by the Clean Water Act. Vitamin C shower filters far exceed these minimum standards and requirements. And since we are dealing with pure vitamin C, you do not have to concern yourself with any adverse reactions occurring as is often seen with other types of shower filters that rely on exotic metals or sulfur based compounds. Using vitamin C to remove chlorine and chloramine from shower water is completely safe, environmentally friendly and extremely effective.

External applications of vitamin C directly onto the skin may also provide additional benefits. A powerful antioxidant, vitamin C reduces the formation of free radicals and helps speed the healing of damaged skin cells. It also has the amazing ability to help decrease the healing time of minor cuts, scrapes and scratches.

There has also been some promising news touting vitamin Cs ability to increase the production of collagen in the skin to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. So, taking a shower with the vitamin C shower filter makes perfect sense with absolutely no downside anywhere to be seen.

Perhaps the best part of all is the fact that vitamin C shower filters require zero maintenance. Once properly installed, all that is needed is to replace the shower filter cartridge every few months to make sure you are still fully protected from the damaging effects of chlorine and chloramine.

Unlike most types of shower filters, vitamin C shower filters work extremely well in both hot and cold water and will not reduce your water pressure the least bit. Each vitamin c shower filter generally has a lifespan of around 6 months before needing a fresh replacement cartridge. Also, the vitamin C shower filter is compatible with all types of shower heads, including those expensive hand held units so popular these days.

That just leaves one unanswered question. Why have you still not tried the vitamin C shower filter?