3 Way Stainless Steel Tap Matte for Hot Cold and Filtered Water


Discover practicality and style with our Matte Stainless Steel Kitchen Tap. This versatile addition to your sink offers hot, cold, and filtered water options. Enjoy free delivery all over Cyprus, with a convenient pay-on-delivery option available.


The Kitchen Tap includes Hot, Cold, and filtered water (under sink filtration system) faucet function for saving your space. It works great with the 3 hoses and saves your countertop from drilling another opening for a separate filtered water faucet.

Now you can drink and cook with clean water directly from one kitchen faucet.

3-Way Stainless Steel Kitchen Tap – Uniting Style, Functionality, and Convenience

Experience the perfect blend of hot, cold, and filtered water from one sleek, practical stainless steel kitchen tap. We offer free delivery across Cyprus with a convenient pay-on-delivery option.

Elevate Your Kitchen Experience

  • Versatile Solution

    Our 3-Way Stainless Steel Kitchen Tap in Matte goes beyond a traditional kitchen tap. This all-in-one water mixer provides hot, cold, and filtered water straight from a single faucet, simplifying your kitchen tasks and offering superior convenience.

  • Stylish Finish

    The matte stainless steel finish is not only durable but adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen decor. This tap promises excellent functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Space-Saving Marvel with All-in-One Functionality

  • Eliminates Need for Multiple Faucets

    This 3-way kitchen faucet is designed to save your space. It removes the necessity for separate faucets for your under-sink filtration system, keeping your countertop free from unnecessary drilling.

  • One Tap, Multiple Uses

    With our 3-way tap, you can drink and cook using clean, filtered water directly from one faucet. It’s the perfect blend of innovation and efficiency.

Flexibility at Your Fingertips

  • Dedicated Controls

    Each water type – hot, cold, and filtered – has its own control. This offers you the flexibility to choose the right water for your kitchen needs, whether it’s washing dishes, preparing a hot drink, or cooking with purified water. This 3-way kitchen water mixer is all about convenience and ease.

  • Simplified Kitchen Tasks

    Our 3-way tap simplifies all your water-related kitchen tasks, offering a seamless user experience.

Unmatched Customer Convenience

  • Free Delivery

    We offer free delivery all over Cyprus.

  • Pay-on-Delivery

    Enjoy the convenience of our pay-on-delivery option.

Equip your kitchen with the best of convenience, functionality, and style with our 3-Way Stainless Steel Kitchen Tap. Order yours today!



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