Maybe you just joined some MLM company and your upline told you that you really needed to buy the company’s home water filters to protect your family’s health because your drinking water isn’t safe?

Perhaps they told you that the brownish stuff in your tap water shows that your water supply is contaminated by dangerous chemicals and the chlorine used by the water company to kill germs causes cancer.

Maybe they even said that the fluoride added to tap water to protect your child’s teeth is actually a mind control drug to make you submissive to your government and corporate overlords.

water filter for healthiest water In the end, it does not matter whether or not you believe in conspiracy theories. What matters is that you are now in the market for a home water filter.

This article aims to provide you with some rules to help you choose the best home drinking water filtration systems for your needs.

Make your choice rationally instead of letting the FUD spouted by salesmen and MLM distributors cloud your judgment.

The Importance of Water Filters in Cyprus: Protecting Your Health and Home

Hey there, folks! Are you ready to talk about something that’s totally essential but not exactly the most exciting topic in the world? That’s right, we’re talking about water filters in Cyprus!

Now, you might be thinking, “Water filters? Meh, I can take it or leave it.” But trust us, when it comes to protecting your health and home, water filters are a must-have. Here’s why: Bad Odor

First off, let’s talk about health. Did you know that Cyprus water can contain all sorts of icky things, from chemicals to bacteria to heavy metals? Ew, no thanks. But with a good water filter, you can rest easy knowing that your tap water is safe and clean. Plus, you won’t have to waste money on bottled water – talk about a win-win!

But it’s not just your health that’s at stake here. Your home is also on the line. See, all those nasty contaminants in your water can also do a number on your plumbing, appliances, and even your clothes. Yikes! But with a water filter, you can prevent damage and extend the life of your home’s vital systems.

So there you have it, folks. Water filters might not be the most glamorous topic, but they’re definitely one of the most important. Don’t take any chances with your health or your home – invest in a good water filter today and drink up with confidence!

Water filters are an essential component for any Cyprus home, but why are they so important?

Not only they do protect your health by removing harmful contaminants from your tap water, but they also help maintain your home’s plumbing, appliances, and other vital systems. Here’s why you should invest in a high-quality water filter:

  1. Protection for your health: Tap water in Cyprus can contain a wide range of harmful contaminants, including chemicals, bacteria, and heavy metals. But with a good water filter, you can remove these impurities and drink clean, safe water right from your tap.
  2. Protection for your home: The contaminants in your water not only affect your health, but they can also damage your plumbing and appliances over time. A water filter helps prevent this damage, extending the life of your home’s systems and saving you money in the long run.

So if you’re looking to protect your health and home, investing in a high-quality water filter is the way to go. With the right filter, you can enjoy clean, safe water and prevent damage to your home’s vital systems.

1. There is sediment, rust or some other brown sludge in your drinking water

If your only problem is (relatively) coarse-grained sediment or rust particles, tying a few layers of muslin cloth to the mouth of your water tap is probably the cheapest and simplest way to enjoy clean drinking water. You should be able to buy one year’s supply of muslin cloth to use as a drinking water filter for just a few dollars.

iron water filterIf you need something that looks a little better, you may prefer to buy tubes filled with some kind of fiber like polyester, cotton or some other cellulose fiber. Point-of-use sediment home water filters like these are also quite cheap. If you can’t find them at your local convenience store, you should be able to buy them online.

A third better but more expensive option for removing sediment is a ceramic or granulated activated carbon (GAC) drinking water filter device.

Ceramic filters used to be cheap and popular, but seem to be superseded by GAC filters nowadays. The 50 micron GAC water filters are good enough to get rid of most sediment and yet still give you a reasonably fast water flow (30 to 200 liters of water per minute, depending on water pressure). At the time of writing, We provide some home water filters that you can buy here:  Water Filters.

Some people might buy tempted to get the much finer 0.5 micron home water filters. While it is true that these drinking water filters will remove even cysts that chlorine treatment cannot kill.

2. You do not like the taste of chlorine in your drinking water

Some people have very refined senses of taste and smell. They do not like the smell of chlorine in their drinking water, or they find that using chlorinated water to brew their tea or coffee spoils the taste. If you fall into this category, you will need to buy a water filter made of carbon to do the job.

How do you find what’s right for you? You can just call us for a free water test  and we will advise you which water filter system is the right for you.

3. Worries about germs and microorganisms

Most modern civilized countries chlorinate their water supply to get rid of germs. Chlorination can work, with only the cysts of Giardia lamblia and Cryptosporidium protozoa able to survive treatment. So, most municipal water supply do not have this problem. However, the best option is to filter cysts out of your drinking water with a 0.5 micron or smaller carbon water filter.

Of course, if you live in a neo-Luddite community or own a personal water well your water supply will not be chlorinated and you will need a better grade of filter. Instead of point-of-use drinking water filtration, you may need to install a whole house water filter system. A reverse osmosis water filter system is the best in this case,

In some cases a UV may be needed. as UV deactivates the genes that allow most germs to reproduce. They also work poorly if your water supply is turbid and filled with sediment (the UV light has to pass through clear water).

4. Worries about fertilizers and organic chemical contaminants like pesticides and herbicides

If you draw your drinking water from a well, and you know that there is sometimes contamination from the farms in your area, you may need to install a carbon or RO (reverse osmosis) home water filter. Both types of home water filtration systems are good at removing organic chemicals.

In order, to filter out fertilizer from your drinking water, you need to use reverse osmosis. Most modern fertilizers contain large amounts of nitrites and nitrates, which carbon-based water treatment systems cannot remove on their own. An alternative is to add an appropriate resin ion exchange system to the carbon water filtration system. This ion exchange unit needs to be rated to remove nitrites and nitrates.

5. Heavy metal contamination

Some people live in houses which still have lead, copper, brass or bronze plumbing. Others get their drinking water from reservoirs which may become contaminated from nearby industries, power generation or smelting operations nearby (where nearby can be more than 2000 km with the right wind blowing). In theory, your water company should remove all of this nasty stuff for you … but accidents happen … and sometimes big businesses like to cut corners …

When you do not know what heavy metal may get into your drinking water, reverse osmosis home water filters are your best choice. Unfortunately, carbon home water filters just cannot get rid of heavy metals on their own. In the industrialized world, the most dangerous heavy metals (and the most likely to be present as contaminants) are lead and mercury. If you add a resin ion exchange system rated to remove these two heavy metals to your carbon home water filtration system, you should be safe from the most serious and likely dangers.

6. Consider your water pressure/water flow rate

The higher the quality of your home water filters, the higher the water pressure needed for it to work properly. The higher the quality of your home waters, the slower they produce clean water. If your home has low water pressure, you will need to add a water filtration system with pump.


When evaluating which home water filtration system to buy, remember the six main factors above.

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