Water Cooler Connected with Filter

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Water Cooler Connected with Filter, produces Hot and Cold water.

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  • Gives you hot and cold water
  • Airtight construction to prevent dust and bugs from entering internally.
  • Silent motor function
  • Independent switch to de-activate hot water (eg during summer months)
  • Automatically deactivates hot water tank when there is no water in the tank
  • It comes with a 2 year warranty
  • Includes the Double water filter.
  • If you already have an under sink water filter installed, you can connect it to this cooler.
  • You can buy this cooler without the water filter. Just choose the appropriate option (located under the product’s price).

Technical Charachteristics:

  • Dimensions in cm: Length 32 x Depth 34 x Height 49
  • Power: AC 220V – 240V / 50Hz, 60Hz
  • Cooling temerature 4C to 10 C
  • Compression 1/16 HP
  • Capacity 1 L for hot water, 1L for cold water
  • Cold consumption 105W
  • Cooling R134a
  • Hot temperature 80 C to 90 C
  • Protection Bimetal thermostat
  • Hot water consumption 495W

2 reviews for Water Cooler Connected with Filter

  1. Keri Lerner

    I love the design and the features, it is connected to my sink and it is very easy to use, no more filling up empty bottles.
    Cold water is really cold, Hot water is really hot which is great.

  2. Lorene Pigot

    Fantastic work from Waterfilternet team. Thank you.

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