Bottleless Water Dispenser with Filters | Hot, Cold and Ambient Water

  • Compact Water Cooler / Dispenser
  • Filtration System – Built in
  • Energy saving
  • Hot, Cold, and Ambient Water Options


Water Dispenser

  • Compact Water Cooler / Dispenser
  • Filtration System – Built in
  • Energy saving
  • Hot, Cold, and Ambient Water Options
  • LCD Touch screen
  • Hot water safety lock
  • Lighting lamp
  • Removable drip tray
  • Quick filters


Power supply230V / 50Hz
Cooling system2?C – 8?C
Performance3,5lt / h
Hot system80?C – 100?C
Performance8lt / h
Dimensions30W * 35D * 32H

Do you like to enjoy a glass of pure, cold water? Who doesn?t?

Have you ever come into the house after a long hot day and found nothing but newly-replenished lukewarm water in your water pitchers? Even if you have not experienced this hassle, it still sounds like one big disappointment, right? Even though this is almost always overlooked, the need for ready to drink cold water has always been present. The solution to this undying need is purchasing a water cooler dispenser.

We would like to introduce you our best selling bottleless countertop water cooler with a built in filtration system, so that you will have that perfect refreshing drink always at your fingertips.

Get the boost you need before a meeting or after lunch. Keep your mood vibrant when you need it most. Refresh for personal energy and performance. Constantly visiting the drinking fountain or making trips to the sink and back is inconvenient. We offer a better solution.

Where to place your bottleless countertop water cooler

Countertop water coolers are great for your home or office. With refillable cup dispensers or space for your own container, our bottleless countertop water cooler won’t stand out. Ideal locations for a countertop water cooler:

  • Workplace
  • Patient waiting room
  • Office lobby
  • Service station
  • Dance studio or athletic gyms
  • Home party room use
  • Break room

Importance of drinking quality water

Health professionals continue discussing the importance of water intake to relieve a myriad of health issues from weight to migraines to serious diseases. How can you be sure to get enough? Studies show that it?s difficult to maintain appropriate water intake if you don?t like the taste, or if it is out of convenient proximity. A countertop water cooler is compact, yet will filter and cool liters of water every day. Any countertop serves as a water station to improve health, morale, and performance. Our Bottleless system is affordable for home and business use.

We desire to meet your needs, and that is why we offer a countertop water cooler. The bottleless system plumbs directly to any cold water line to eliminate heavy lifting.

Choose from the Bottleless model with built up filtration system or connect one to your Reverse Osmosis System. Our bottleless models are advanced, attractive and durable. Having a bottleless countertop water cooler will let you enjoy pure, crisp, filtered water at your convenience. Don?t stress over heavy and cumbersome water jugs. Delivery systems are expensive and become a scheduling hassle. When you buy a bottleless water cooler, you?ll be saving money and time. Because it easily fits on a countertop, you?re also saving on space. You can have clean and cool water on demand, every time you need it.

Bottleless countertop water cooler benefits

There are many benefits that come with the use of a dispenser. These are not very known to the public, so get to know what these products are really all about and why many have invested for the purchase and maintenance of these items. The primary relevance of a water cooler dispenser is, of course, water cooling and its benefits. No sweaty and tired person can feel refreshed after drinking warm water, after all. Cool water is not only needed for drinking, as a matter of fact. In cooking or preparing meals and snacks, some recipes require the use of a cold water. One will most likely realize how much everyone needs cold water once in a while. Come into an office or a gym, and there is a great chance you will find some cooling dispensers there. A refreshing drink after a tiring day could boost up energy and provide instant relief.

Another reason why such water cooling devices are essential is because of one of modern man?s insistent problems ? lack of space. One may argue that refrigerator space is enough for small pitchers, but what about during big dinners you decide to have at home? Where then can you put all those leftovers with all the water containers eating up the space? This presents you with the inconvenience of having to give up cool drinks just to fit everything in your fridge. You could, of course, purchase the biggest refrigerators out in the market; but these also have the biggest prices that will surely hurt your budget. This will be very impractical for home use.

Cold water storage problems are not the sole reasons that will explain why dispensers are practical nowadays. Of course, the purchase of these items comes with benefits and perks that will add more value into your investment. Many products have come up with the fusion of water cooling and health benefits through filtration. Yes, now you can also transform your warm, ordinary tap water into cold, ready to drink pure water that?s good for your health. Latest technologies have paved the way for the use of water filtering systems, wherein your ordinary water passes through these filters, so that you have pure and tasty water always. Bottled water, when purchased in singles from time to time, will cost you more than having your own stock right at home. Of course, if you are one of those health enthusiasts and you know about the benefits of water therapy, then you will most probably find it easier to undergo water therapy when you have a dispenser at home that will keep reminding you of your pledge to stay healthy.

These machines are very user-friendly and they are easy to set up. However, we can install it for you if you prefer so. They are also easy to place anywhere at home or in the office, and low maintenance and repair is needed for this device. One small investment for a water cooler dispenser is all you need to reap long-term benefits of having healthy, cool water made ready for consumption 24 hours a day.

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