Replacement water filters. Is the cost of replacement cartridges a worth it?

Are you in need of a good water filter? If you understand the risks associated with drinking water from the regular municipal water supplies then you understand the need for a great water filter, not just a good one.

water filter replacement cartridgesWhat do you need to know about replacement water filters?

Replacement water filters are water purifiers that have a part that needs to be replaced from time to time. Not all water purification systems have parts that need regular replacement, but some do.

What needs to be replaced is the cartridge that actually holds the filter medium. From time to time this cartridge become clogged with contaminants and won’t work as effectively as it once did, or if left too long can even block up completely.

This is good. This means that the water filter is working and the contaminants that you would otherwise be drinking are now captured in the cartridge. When you throw the cartridge in the trash you’ve just thrown out all the impurities that you would have drunk. You can feel good about this.

But there can be a problem. The problem is this. Replacement water cartridges cost money and people buy their water filters based not on whether they are buying the best water filter but on what the replacement cartridges cost. And for this reason a customer can end up with a water filter that isn’t the best because of the perception of cost of replacing the cartridges.

There’s a couple of things you need to think about before buying a water filter that needs replacement cartridges. The first is that you are buying a water filter to filter out impurities and keep your water healthy to drink. You need to be buying the best water filter, regardless of the cost of the replacements or you are compromising the quality of your water because of the cost. Buy the best, not the cheapest.

But of course for many cost is an issue. So here’s the good news.

The best water filters are not even the most expensive filters. The best water filters are water filters, and on a cost comparison they are relatively inexpensive to use, including factoring in the cost of replacement cartridges.

In fact the figures show that the (their countertop water filter) sells for around $100 and with replacements factored in costs 9.6 cents per gallon. Compare that to the equivalent products for Aqua-Pure, 13 cents per gallon, Brita, 20 cents per gallon, PUR at 20 cents per gallon and more.

In fact of 10 drinking water filters tested the water filter was the cheapest water filter to buy and use. Good news for anyone on a budget because not only are they the cheapest water filter but also the best.